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    Standard Search

    This option allows you to query for the quantities and prices of plants in our inventory based upon the botanical name or the category of the plant.

    Enter your search term in the textbox and then hit the 'Tab' key, or click your mouse anywhere outside the textbox. The term 'Plant Name Contains:' followed by your search term will appear in the 'Your Selections' block.

    Enter only one term that is part of a botanical name, such as 'acer' or 'rhod', and limit the length of the term to four or five letters. The search utility will find any plant name that has your search term anywhere within it, not just at the beginning.

    If your search is not returning results, first try limiting the number of letters in the search term.

    Search by Characteristics

    This option allows you to query for the quantities and prices of plants in our inventory that have selected characteristics, such as habit, colors, zone, etc.

    However, at this time we have plant characteristics data for only a limited number of the plants in our inventory.

    So if your Search by Characteristics is not returning the results you expect, it does not necessarily mean we do not have those plants in stock. Instead, it may mean that some of the plants with those particular charactistics have not yet been entered into our Plant Characteristics database.

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    Rhododendrons & Azaleas


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    Bloom Time
    Click on a month to select it.

    (Note: Selecting more than one month will conduct a search for a bloom time in any of the selected months.  For example, selecting bloom months 'Mar' and 'Apr' will find plants that have a bloom month of March OR April, not March AND April.)

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