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Northwest Nurseries Wholesale Policy

Northwest Nurseries is a wholesale distributor of ornamental
landscaping plants.

We serve the landscape, construction, and nursery industries of the Pacific Northwest. Our customers are those companies and individuals who are purchasing plants for resale purposes, not for personal use.

Our customers are horticulturally-knowledgeable and able to handle the self-serve nature of a wholesale nursery.
Northwest Nurseries Warranty Policy

Northwest Nurseries warrants all plants sold to be true to name and in good condition on the lot.

Our total liability for any error, should any plant prove untrue to name as labeled,shall be limited to Northwest Nurseries replacing the plant or providing a refund of the purchase price; liability cannot exceed the amount paid for the plants.

Warranty does not extend to growth, prosperity, or appropriateness of any plant sold. Customers of Northwest Nurseries accept the burden of ascertaining the health and viability of the plants they purchase; if a plant does not indicate appropriate health it should not be purchased.
Northwest Nurseries Hold Policy

Northwest Nurseries has an Informal Hold Policy for tagging plants and reserving them for later purchase. We allow our customers to tag and hold plants
for up to two weeks.

If you want to hold plants, you can receive tagging material and instructions from the Sales Office. With your list of tagged plants, the Sales Office can create a Sales Order, which will facilitate our ability to protect your tagged material.

This process works most of the time. We do our best to protect and honor tagged plants, but it's important to note that Northwest Nurseries does not guarantee that tagged plants will be available when you return to pick them up. If you require a guarantee, then you should purchase the plant and take it with you.

It is important to stress the informal nature of this policy. It is not a Lay-Away plan. We do not accept payment for plants that are tagged: they are not considered sold.
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Lastly, Northwest Nurseries reserves the right to sell any inventory item at any time.
Northwest Nurseries Customer Policy
Northwest Nurseries is a wholesale nursery (please review our Wholesale Policy)
We require a copy of the Washington State Department of Revenue Reseller Permit of our customers. This requirement for a Reseller Permit is a company policy, independent of whether your company chooses to pay sales tax or not.
Your Reseller Permit must identify your Business Activity as 'Landscape Services', 'Landscape Architectural Services', 'Site Preparation Contractors', 'Nursery and Garden Services', or another business supporting the landscape industry.
You can FAX your Reseller Permit to 425-822-9482 or email it to
A Business License or Reseller Permit that does not indicate a business related to the landscaping industry will not comply. Upon verification of your company status we can provide you with website login credentials.
Please visit the Washington State Reseller website for more information or to apply for a Reseller Permit.